Catalogue of circuit bent instruments built and sold by S-CAT. We build to order. Please contact us for prices and lead times.

CASIO MT 40 / 41

One of the most famous vintage Casio keyboards, well-known as the source of the Sleng Teng rhythm used in dub since the 1980's. Our version is perfect for any dub producer.

We have a maximum of 26 modifications on the upright version, and 21 on the desktop. Mods are concentrated on the bass and rhythm sections. Filters and decay controls on the bass give more power to the already rounded sound. Our usual drum mutes and a selection of filters bring out the glitch in this machine.

With oak or sapele side cheeks or into a solid oak or sapele upright or extended desktop frame.

CASIO MT 68 / 65

Great vintage drum sounds, Casio chord and pleasant keyboard voices make the MT 68 and 65 a popular machine.

Our 26 mods include some lovely filters for the accompaniment sounds and rhythms, plus our mutes on all separate elements for greater control. We also added some crazy feedback mods that turn this into a heavy sub monster.

Available in hardwood upright, extended desktop and simple desktop versions.

The famous tiny keyboard/calculator with ADSR.

Given the S-CAT treatment with 10 mods. Small in size but huge in sound with voice filters, wide range pitch modulation, rhythm distortion and screaming or booming rhythmic "squanking" feedback.

A quirky keyboard with a plaintive tone.

Our mods enhance the lo-if sound with fuzz and ringing feedback filters, plus mutes and extended pitch modulation control.

Classic, slightly cheesy 1980's sounds, with ROM pack, key lighting and bass chord accompaniment section.

We fit the usual separate mute switches for drums and accompaniment. Filters on the drum sounds and accompaniment give the PT-80 some body, and three feedback filters and five crazy glitch switches totally transform the little keyboard.

Available in an upright frame with 21 mods or desktop version with 15 mods.

An attractive Casio with analogue rhythms and bass chord accompaniment section.

Our mods have given the sounds a darker edge, with distorted fuzz, new filters for accompaniment and drum sounds, heavy feedback and note repeater. Mutes and/or volume controls for bass, chord and individual drums open up possibilities for live performance and sampling. This keyboard produces excellent atmospherics as well as crunchy analogue percussion.

Available in an upright frame with 21 mods or desktop version with 17 mods.
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This is a huge keyboard that combines an SK-1 type sampler with a standard Casio home keyboard. We have modified it with an array of switches that produce incredible glitches and unpredictable soundscapes.
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