S-CAT "Double-Trouble" Videos
This is a test video of the acid filter side of our prototype distortion. Notice how there is a lack of hiss, this is pretty unusual with distortion units.
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This demo shows a TR-909 running through just one side of this brand new analogue distortion. We have worked hard to remove the hiss.
Multi-tracked guitar and bass running through the distortion over clean drums.

Bass guitar lines through the left side of the distortion and lead guitar through the right side.
Running the TR-909 kick straight into the left side of the Double Trouble Distortion and the TB-303 into the right side, which is also sending CV GATE into the Bass-Synth and then CV GATE THRU on to the MC-202.
The TR-909 is running through both sides of the distortion here.

The pre and post distortion filter is being switched in and out on the right side and the transient boost dial is also being switched in and out at varying degrees on the left distortion.
Simple tone from the MC-202 being distorted and filtered externally by the Double Trouble.
This video shows a TB-303 running through both sides of the distortion and filter with full audio. The case is a prototype for testing.
Double Trouble Distortion with a TR-808. Adding a touch of drive to the main mix to give the sound an edge. Prototype case.
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