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We have modified, or circuit-bent, many digital and analogue effects at S-CAT, and have created some weird and wonderful machines. This experience, as well as customer feedback and using effects ourselves in music production, inspired the ideas behind the analogue Dubsta Delay. We set out to create a very high quality, multifunctional, hands-on analogue delay that has a unique and extreme sound.

After we had discussed our requirements with John W. Oram, his engineer Dave Cherry built an initial prototype circuit on "tri-board" to establish the basic functions. You can see some footage of this by clicking on the videos tab above.

Dave Cherry and S-CAT's Arron Courts fired up the first PCB version of the analogue Dubsta Delay around ago. It still needed some tweaks but things were developing extremely well! The analogue Dubsta was shaping up to be a very interesting machine with some unusual quirks directly influenced by our circuit-bending experience.

We have now moved on to PCB revision 1.1, and from January 2016 will be building the first batch. In the photo opposite you can see board number one on the bench, being populated by hand by Arron Courts. The revised board is full of unusual features. The extra circuitry for filtering and modulation that has been built around four high voltage BBD MN3005 engines make this a groundbreaking analogue effect.

Click the "Video Footage" tab to hear and see the evolution of the analogue delay. Our latest footage compares the vintage MN3005 ICs to a very recently released reissue.

"Tri-Board" version of the analogue Dubsta Delay
Dave Cherry (left) and Arron Courts (right) test the circuit
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Final stages of CAD design for our cases
First revised PCB of the S-CAT/Oram analogue delay
Dubsta Delay Nearing Completion
Dubsta Delay Nearing Completion
PCB's being assembled in the factory
Dubsta Delay Now Available

After much hard work to get the sound and look just right, we are now approaching completion on the Dubsta delay. To the left are some images from the CAD design process, with a few minor tweaks to make before our new enclosures start manufacture.

Our PCB's have already been assembled by London Manufacturing Ltd in the UK. You can even see some video footage of the Dubsta circuit boards running through the flow machine below!
MAY 2018

Production is underway and the S-CAT Dubsta-Delay is available to order.


The S-CAT Analogue Dubsta Delay is in its final stage. Our enclosures have been completed and we will be commencing wiring and calibrating our first production run soon! To see a new demo of the completed Dubsta with a Roland TR-808 drum machine, click the "video footage" tab above.

If you would like to join the waiting list for one of the first limited number of units, please email us at
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