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Prototype Demo Video : Juno Chords
This video shows the early prototype analogue delay with a Juno 106 Synthesizer playing chords.
In this footage Arron is demonstrating the most version of our Dubsta Delay, using the high voltage MN3005 ICs. The delay is set up on the aux send/return on the mixing desk, and is running with a Roland TB-303 and TR-909.
Analogue Dubsta Delay Demo : TB-303 Acid
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Our groundbreaking analogue delay utilises vintage high-voltage MN3005 ICs to achieve long delay times, high headroom and warmth and clarity of repeats. These chips are in short supply, but luckily a US company has recently produced a reissue - the Xvive MN3005. This video footage is a direct A/B comparison between old and new.

Analogue Dubsta Delay Demo : MN3005 IC Comparison
Moog Theremin with Analogue Dubsta Delay
The analogue Dubsta delay revision 1.1 has been built and tested.

We invited Andy Barak-Smith of IADWM to bring in his Moog Theremin (and keyboard skills) to make a demo. See the result in this video.

Demo: Roland TR-808 with the S-CAT Analogue Dubsta Delay
This demo showcases our prototype analogue Dubsta Delay in the finished case. Running the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine displays the lush, warm repeats that this BBD echo generates.

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