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Dub-Synth on stage at T-Fest
The Egg play with the Dub -Synth
The Dub-Synth is a versatile instrument, and is essentially a performance tool. It works brilliantly with pretty much any electronic music style, and as part of a stage performance it is in its element. This summer, the Dub-Synth went down a storm with artists at the Oneness Gathering in Somerset, where we got performers to test-drive the unit. The Egg, a UK electronica band, are shown using the Dub-Synth during their show at Oneness.

More recently, the Dub-Synth got some attention at T-Fest in Essex. You can see Arron from S-CAT performing live on stage with drum and bass artist Mr Quest, with vocals from Lady Cee, Dreddmarc and Jah Prento. The Dub-Synth can be heard making some classic siren sounds so prevalent in dub, jungle and drum and bass.

Live Performance Video Footage
This video footage includes a huge array of sounds generated by the Dub-Synth. You can hear percussive sounds, bass tones and sound effects. The Dub-Synth's extensive LFO section is also demonstrated to good effect.

The Dub-Synth is shown being both manually and externally triggered.
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