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Testing the new S-CAT analogue resonant filter at 12db per octave, low pass.

A simple wave form is running through the circuit. The cutoff and resonance are working here for the first time.

10Hz to 20KHz sweep.

A short blast of the very first prototype PCB with a Roland TR-909 running through it.

An audio demo of the phaser function of the S-CAT Filter.

Strings are running into the phaser section. The lfo depth and rate are manipulated as things move on.

Running a TR-808 and TB-303 into the S-CAT Double Trouble Distortion and then through the new filter.

Distortion and filter combo. + S-CAT Bass-Synth being sequenced from the TB-303 CV/Gate output.

S-CAT Filter Phaser demo.

The TR-909 is connected straight into one side of the filter. The MV-30 is sending the synth line directly to the mixer

TR-909 running directly into the S-CAT Filter/Phaser.

The Filter is set at a medium LFO speed that is modulating the frequency CUT OFF. 8 Pole - 48dB per octave with resonance control just into self oscillation.

S-CAT FILTER-PHASE Panning Phaser demo with Roland TB-303

This short demo shows of the latest feature that adds stereo panning to the modulating phaser.


Running the TR-909 L/R into both sides, switching between stereo and Link (Dual Mono) with Low Pass Filter engaged. This allows independent channel filtering or equal balanced filtering.

These videos show the development of the S-CAT FILTER-PHASE. Most recent videos are at the top, working back to the oldest videos of early versions.
We have added and amended features over the course of the project.

YouTube playlist of selected S-CAT FILTER-PHASE video demos.

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