Daren Ager's Youtube channel. Arron's onetime musical collaborator as Interlect 3000, Daren has been producing deep house and acid house for many years.

IADWM, or, It's All Done With Mirrors. Professional lighting for clubs, festivals and functions.

Igor Amokian is an ambassador of underground music and circuit bending from Los Angeles. Click the photo to visit for an interview, links to his Youtube channel, his music and more.

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Oram Professional Audio. Home of veteran large-format console designer John W. Oram, plus his Analogue Barn recording studio. Currently working with. S-CAT to design new analogue devices.
Rolling Lion Studio is home to award-winning dub reggae producer Daniel Boyle.
Hirondelle Studio in Bishop's Stortford, Essex. Beautifully appointed studio owned and run by our valued customers, Steve Keeler and Tim Webster.
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