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Grammy-nominated producer Daniel Boyle of Rolling Lion Studio used their circuit bent digital "Dubsta" delay on the new Lee "Scatch" Perry album, "Back on the Controls". He said…

" ...We used it for the album as it was incredibly hands on. When doing dub music you need to move your hands quickly from the desk to the effects units. So that fact that it sits next to the desk rather like an old mutron bi-phase, and has large knobs ergonomically designed; made it a great choice. It's a versatile unit and most importantly great fun!!"

Daniel Boyle and Lee "Scratch" Perry
Photo courtesy of Nick Caro
Rolling Lion Studio
Pablo Clements and James Griffith, of UNKLE and Toy Room Studios Brighton, have several S-CAT creations including a Casio PT-30 and MT-68. Pablo said of his S-CAT circuit bent Casio MT-68...

" ...It's truly amazing – we're ... working with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – and it's all over the track".

More recently Toydrum used the S-CAT MT-68 in the track "Void And Form (Introducing Joel Wells)". Listen to it on Soundcloud here.
S-CAT Casio PT-30 at Toy Rooms Studios
Pascal Gabriel with his MT-68
Songwriter and producer Pascal Gabriel (formerly of S'Xpress, who has worked with many artists such as Dido, Goldfrappe, Kylie Minogue and Miss Kittin) bought two S-CAT machines including a circuit bent upright Casio MT-68.

" ...They're both REALLY great, well made and thought-out units - Thanks!"
James Reynolds, mix engineer and producer for, among many others, Jessie J, Paloma Faith, Tinie Tempah, Calvin Harris and Pixie Lott, said of his S-CAT circuit bent machines,

" ...It's not just the quality of build, that's a given, but it's the unique sound that the units produce: theres nothing like it. I have several pieces of their work and use them in productions all the time. Thanks!"
Photo courtesy of Pascal Gabriel
Photo courtesy of Toy Rooms Studios
Photo courtesy of Hirondelle Studioo
Various S-CAT machines at Hirondelle
Hirondelle Studio has a collection of S-CAT modified machines including a Casio PT-80, Casio MT-400v and a circuit bent Rhythm Multiphase effect. Here are excerpts from Tim Webster's in-depth reviews of two of their units. You can read the reviews in full by clicking the button below them.
S-Cat "37-mod Casio MT-400v"
By Tim Webster @Hirondelle Studio, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.

" When the band Archive were in the studio last, an entire song was written using solely the S-Cat MT-400v, and a smattering of effects. An entire song (that is rhythm section, bass, chords and melody) from one machine? There's not many that do that in a manner that is this fun, lo-tech and immediate. To quote Darius from the band: "That is an incredible little machine!" "
Modified Casio MT-400v
S-Cat "Rhythm Multiphaze Percussion Multi-Effects Filter"
By Tim Webster @Hirondelle Studio, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.

"The S-Cat Rhythm Multiphaze Percussion Multi-Effects Filter (the Multiphaze) is a unique little box; the relatively simple controls hide a snarling beast. It is recommended by the manufacturers as not being suitable for guitars, but it works magic on drum loops either from machines or on the drum-buss during a more traditional session. Even without engaging any of the switches (Lo-Tech, Drive or the oddly-named "Squanker"), once you press the bypass button and the red 'active' LED lights up, the sound is instantly brighter, deeper and punchier. The 'rate', 'depth' and 'resonance' controls then work on the signal, and give sounds from a slow, subtle phaser all the way to the kind of wibbly-wobbly, swirly dub sound that King Tubby himself would have been proud of... "
Modified Effect "Rhythm Multiphase"
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"...Arron and Abegael of S-CAT have elevated the concept of circuit bending to a true art form. There is a wonderful attention to detail that goes beyond the mad circuitry; the instruments themselves are beautiful. What many would consider to be an outdated toy transforms in to a completely new instrument. It becomes an unpredictable, sonically fascinating work of art. From the elegant custom wood casings to the intuitive control panels, the team at S-CAT are creating NEW products from the ghosts of discontinued and forgotten Casio machines of the 80's. "
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Los Angeles-based Ego Plum commissioned a large number of modified keyboards from us in 2015. We were excited to be part of his project composing music for a new series of the Nickelodeon cartoon "Harvey Beaks". He is using circuit bent machines in conjunction with a 60-piece orchestra! Below is a short extract of his story. Click the button below for the full text and more photos.
Ego Plum's Studio with many S-CAT machines.
Producer Patrick DSP of Neptune Mastering runs through the features and controls of the S-CAT Bass-Synth in his Berlin studio.

"I've been using the Bass Synth from Space-Cat Audio Technologies for the last couple of months and it has definitely won a place in my heart and in my studio.

Bass. Deep, throbbing bass. With 3 waveforms to choose from/mix, there's a decent variety of sounds available so warm, smooth sounds are easily dialled in, as are harsher, more aggressive timbres. The filter is awesome, closing all the way down to silence and opening up with just the right amount of resonance for bassline usage, and a decent amount of grit at the top end. "
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