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At this point, my keyboard and toy arsenal consists MOSTLY of S-CAT creations. The centerpiece is the double-tiered Casio DM-100, which was created to my specifications. 30 GLITCH BANKS make this one of the most unusual and unpredictable instruments I have ever played and it is perfect for the music I want to create.

As the composer on Nickelodeon's Harvey Beaks, I've been given freedom to create a sonic landscape like no other. In my initial meetings with show creator C.H. Greenblatt, I discussed the idea of combining unusual, broken, glitchy, electronic sounds with traditional symphonic orchestrations. We have been able to accomplish this thanks to these S-CAT keyboards.

Season 2 of Harvey Beaks will feature a lot more of the S-CAT instruments. We recently recorded a bunch of orchestral material with about 60 musicians playing violins, flutes, oboes, French horns, and more. It will not 'sound' like the world of Harvey Beaks until I bring in these electronic elements. Any time you hear something improbable and unrecognizable on Harvey Beaks, chances are that the sound was generated by an S-CAT machine. Pushing boundaries and repurposing the past to create the future of music! That is S-CAT!

-Ego Plum"
"For those not familiar with the concept of "circuit bending," it is a practice where rogue engineers will essentially hack the circuitry of pre-existing toys, digital keyboards, or other electronic devices in the hopes of creating new and exciting experimental musical instruments. I've never had any interest in schematics or soldering myself, but I have always been on the quest to find unheard, new voices and sounds in music.

In addition, I've always been fascinated by the nostalgic and simple sounds of cheap, consumer-end Casio keyboards. After all, these are the instruments that I used to write all my first music when I was a teenager. My first CD release has a primitive sound that was pure and unpolished because it was mostly composed on Casio keyboards through an old four-track recorder. It was simply what I could afford at the time.

A few years ago, I discovered the work of Arron and Abegael of S-CAT Industries, a company that has made a business out of combining antiquated CASIO KEYBOARDS with the fine art of CIRCUIT BENDING.
On the top row Ego has an upright Casio PT-30 and two Casio VL-1's modded by S-CAT. 3rd row down is the large upright Casio MT-400v.
Arron and Abegael of S-CAT have elevated the concept of circuit bending to a true art form. There is a wonderful attention to detail that goes beyond the mad circuitry; the instruments themselves are beautiful. What many would consider to be an outdated toy transforms in to a completely new instrument. It becomes an unpredictable, sonically fascinating work of art. From the elegant custom wood casings to the intuitive control panels, the team at S-CAT are creating NEW products from the ghosts of discontinued and forgotten Casio machines of the 80's.
Up top is the Upright Casio DM-100. On the 2nd row is the Upright Casio MT-68.
Close-up on S-CAT control panel of the Upright Casio DM-100.
Los Angeles-based Ego Plum commissioned a large number of modified keyboards from us in 2015. We were excited to be part of his project composing music for a new series of the Nickelodeon cartoon "Harvey Beaks". Read his review in full below.
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