S-CAT Analogue Bass Synth

We are currently working on a dedicated analogue synthesizer based around the classic CEM3340 VCO. Designed specifically for bass frequencies, and controlled via CV/Gate, the Bass Synth will work with, for example, the Roland TB 303, or clones thereof. It will play the same line, but can be dropped 1 or 2 octaves lower for instant sub-bass.

There is a simple control panel, but more complex controls can be accessed via a patchbay for use with modular systems or synthesizers.

We will be adding more info and video footage very soon. If you'd like to know more, email us at spacecataudio@yahoo.co.uk.

User Guide
Video Footage
Bass Synth Intro

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FEATURES: (May be subject to change)

48dB Filter (Exteme Low-Pass)
Waveforms: Sine/Square/Saw
Octave Range
Manual Trigger

Pulse Width Modulation
Hard Sync
Amp Modulation
Frequency Modulation
CV/Gate Input
CV/Gate Through

Audio Filter Input
Filter Mod Input

48v DC universal PSU

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