S-CAT Customers share their demos

Below is a collection of videos from S-CAT users. We are always happy to see customer demos & reviews. If you’d like us to include your video on this page, please get in touch!

PAC_ : RE-909 with Double-Trouble Distortion 

Prisoners of Technology : Double-Trouble Distortion

Alraaqis : RE-303 & Double Trouble

Gaz Williams of Sonic State reviews the Double Trouble Distortion on his live stream

Linistwo : RE-303 Gilbert & Double-Trouble

Alraaqis : Vermona Kick Lancet RE-303 with Double-Trouble

Jideh High : Double-Trouble Dub

Respected producer & mastering engineer Patrick DSP of Neptune Mastering  reviews the S-CAT Bass-Synth

Jideh High : Double-Trouble Dub 2

t. Noise : RE-303 & Double-Trouble

Acidgun : RE-303 & Double-Trouble

In Rolling Lion Studio with producer Dan Boyle. Trying out the S-CAT Analogue Dubsta-Delay

Frank Worth : RE vs TB Double-Trouble Distortion

Haze Anderson : P14 Po32 Double-Trouble

Arthur Snitzel : Avalon Double-Trouble

SHIELDRUM : S-CAT Dub-Siren Demo & Review

Warminstrel :  S-CAT Bass Synth demo

Murdi : Analogue Dubsta Delay