Filter graphic



The S-CAT Filter-Phase is a powerful analogue filter with LFO. It has HP, LP, BP & phaser functions, and can be used as two independent filters or a true stereo unit.

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Double Trouble graphic

Double Trouble Filtered Distortion


The Double-Trouble Distortion has two distinct distortion circuits. Perfect for use with synths, drums & guitar.

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Siren graphic



Classic analogue Dub-Siren SFX.


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Time Freek graphic

Time-Freek Digital Delay


The Time-Freek is a digital delay with modulation, hold function, tap tempo & MIDI clock in.

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Bass Synth graphic

Analogue Bass-Synth CV


The S-CAT Bass-Synth is an analogue synthesizer based around the classic CEM3340 VCO, designed specifically for low bass frequencies.

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Dubsta graphic

Analogue Dubsta-Delay


The S-CAT analogue Dubsta-Delay is a pure analogue effect using four 4096-stage MN3005 BBD chips.


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