S-CAT media mentions & reviews

Reed Ghazala’s “Bender’s Spotlight”

April 2024

We were thrilled to be included in this series on the influence of circuit-bending by the father of the craft, Reed Ghazala.

Double-Trouble Review – Sound On Sound Magazine

October 2023

Glowing review of our dual distortion unit from Willam Stokes, who was impressed by the versatility and power of this machine!

Dub-Siren used by Kyle Blackburn for Barrington Levy, Glastonbury 2023

Dub-Siren Review

Sound engineer Kyle Blackburn reviews the S-CAT Dub-Siren after using it for Barrington Levy’s 2023 Glastonbury performance.

Sound on sound review

Bass-Synth Review – Sound On Sound Magazine

March 2023

Review of the S-CAT Bass- Synth in the well-respected UK industry magazine. See the link below for the full article.

Sound & Recording Magazine

German magazine feature on the use of the Casio MT-40/41 by famous artists, which includes our circuit-bent Casio MT-40 & 41. See the link below for the full article.




Review of our S-CAT Bass-Synth in a German goth & metal music magazine.

Lee Perry with circuit bent delay


Techno producer and co-owner of System Rejects record label, Olly Berry, gives us his take on his Bass-Synth. Includes track made to demonstrate it’s capabilities.