S-CAT Casio PT-30
The Casio PT-30 is another early 1980's home keyboard. It is small with mini keys, and has mainly analogue sounds for rhythm and voices. The auto-accompaniment comes in the form of chord and bassline. A small additional chord keyboard section opens up some interesting possibilities. It has a simple record function.

Upright Model - 21 Mods

1. Chord Volume
2. Chord Mute
3. Chord Ring
4. Bassline Volume
5. Bassline Mute
6. Bassline Boost
7. Bassline Fuzz
8. Accompaniment Filter

9. Kick/Tom Mute
10. Kick/Tom Boost
11. Snare Mute
12. Snare Trash
13. Hats Volume
14. Closed Hat Decay

15. Voice Brightness
16. Note Repeater
17. Voice Fuzz

18. Feedback Follower I
19. Feedback Follower II
20. Reset Button
21. Pitch Modulation

Desktop Model -17 Mods

1. Bassline Mute
2. Chord Mute
3. Kick/Tom Mute
4. Snare Mute
5. Hats Mute
6. Bassline Boost
7. Kick/Tom Boost
8. Note Repeater
9. Voice Filters I/II
10. Bassline Volume
11. Kick/Tom Boost
12. Follower I
13. Follower II
14. Chord Volume
15. Chord Ring
16. Accompaniment Filter
17. Pitch modulator

21 Mod PT -30, Upright Sapele Frame
We like the quirky original sound of this little Casio keyboard. Our mods have given the sounds a darker edge, with distorted fuzz on the bass sounds, new voice and accompaniment filters and some heavy feedback. With mutes and/or volume controls for bass, chord and individual drum sounds, there are many more possibilities for live performance as well as sampling of sounds. This keyboard produces excellent atmospherics as well as crunchy analogue percussion.
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17 Mod Desktop PT-30, oak sides
21 Mod PT -30, Upright Oak Frame
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