S-CAT "Time-Freek" Digital Delay
The S-CAT "Time-Freek" is a great-sounding and very versatile digital delay. This delay is based on a vintage digital delay IC that combines a smooth analogue-style sound with digital stability. We have brought it up to date with a range of extremely useful and exciting features.

The Time-Freek has a fantastic sound for use with vocals, drums, synths and guitar. The range of this delay is immense, with the capacity to create every effect from a lush chorus, to standard delay effects, right up to downright crazy and mangled sounds. It includes tap tempo and midi rate control, a "hold" function that will repeat forever, and our "Dub-Back" feedback for wispy, dubby repeats, along with modulation that can be clocked via midi or controlled manually.

For the vintage hardware user, we have included clock pulse and din sync out (x2) in addition to midi in and thru sockets. A dedicated XLR/jack mic input is also included, with an outstanding mic pre. This doubles as a great overdrive if used with line level instruments.
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Delay Mix (Wet - Dry)

Mic/Line Level & Delay

Repeats & Dub-Back

Hold Function

Delay Mode : Manual / Midi / Tap

Tap Tempo Button

Delay Rate Multiply X 1 - X 2 - X3 - X4

Fast & Slow Mode

Modulation : LFO Depth / Rate / Wave /Mode

3 Parallel Rate Controls

Stereo Jack Input & Output (mono effect)

Mic/Line XLR Jack Input

Midi Clock In / MIDI Thru

Sync 24 Out A / B

ARP Clock Pulse Out (16th note)

24V DC International PSU

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