Echotone dub-siren & delay from panel



This little unit was conceived as a classic-style dub siren with inbuilt echo/delay. It is going to be small and  easy to use, but in a robust steel enclosure. We have taken a different approach on this unit, simplifying the controls so that DJ’s can create the well-known siren sounds without needing to turn as many dials. The echo is built-in, and also very strait-forward to operate. It includes an external trigger input.

Feature update 1 – After some thought and experimentation, we decided to add tone decay, and latch to sustain the sound, so it can be used as a drone synth as well as a siren effect.

Feature update 2 – The latest prototype has further functionality. LFO Retrigger, Sweep Direction, and LFO Fast/Slow

*Features are subject to change – product in development*





  • Built-in echo with Level, Repeats & Rate control
  • Square or triangle waveform for signal
  • Pitch control dial
  • 5v external trigger
  • Trigger & latch buttons
  • Tone Decay control
  • LFO rate, waveform select & active switch
  • LFO Continuous or Retrigger
  • LFO Sweep Direction (Retrigger mode)
  • LFO Fast / Slow mode
  • Power 12v DC
  • Size 12cm x 9cm x 4.5cm