Jack Conte

Ego Plum at Oddio Inc.


Los Angeles-based Ego Plum commissioned a large number of modified keyboards from us in 2015. We were excited to be part of his project composing music for a new series of the Nickelodeon cartoon “Harvey Beaks”. Later he used the same keyboards for the music in an episode of cult cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants”. See his website for more details.

Ego Plum was also involved in Scottworks festival in Los Angeles, celebrating the work of pioneering musician Raymond Scott. He took his circuit bent S-CAT Casio DM-100 keyboard along for the ride, where the legendary musician and inventor Herbert Deutsch can be seen checking it out. An Emeritus Professor, Herbert Deutsch was involved with the development of the first Moog synthesizer in the 1960’s.


“Pushing boundaries and repurposing the past to create the future of music! That is S-CAT!”

-Ego Plum