Jack Conte

Liam Howlett of The Prodigy

Liam kindly invited us to his London studio to run through the controls of the circuit bent Casio MT-40 and Casio MT-65 that we built for him. He commented that our circuit bent creations stood out to him for their musicality and craziness.


We also took along our new products that we had been working on with John W. Oram and Dave Cherry: the Dub-Siren, Dub-Synth and the brand new BBD analogue Dubsta-Delay. His immediate reaction was very positive. We left him an S-CAT/Oram analogue Dub-Siren to use on the Russian leg of The Prodigy’s tour. He has since bought a Dub-Synth to use in the studio, and will be taking one of the first batch of delays to complete the set.

Liam took his Dub-Siren out to Moscow on the Russian leg of their 2015 tour! We spotted it in the YouTube video of “Nasty”. Exciting stuff for us to see our instruments being used by a world class act in front of such a massive crowd. You can see the siren on the left in the still.


Liam recently received his Double-Trouble Distortion. We asked him what he thought of it, and this is his reply…

”With a lot of distortion boxes, the bottom end fuks off, not with this one tho, it’s great.

LH x”

As a UK manufacturer, we are very happy that one of the biggest UK artists is using our instruments!

The Prodigy on stage, Russia