Bass Synth


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We build by hand to order.

Build time around 2 – 4 weeks,

depending on current workload.


The S-CAT Bass-Synth is an analogue synthesizer based around the classic CEM3340 VCO. Designed specifically for low bass frequencies, and controlled via CV/Gate, the Bass Synth will work with, for example, the Roland TB 303, or clones thereof. It will play the same line, but can be dropped 1 or 2 octaves lower for instant sub-bass. It can also be controlled via MIDI if used with a MIDI to CV converter.

There is a simple control panel, but more complex controls can be accessed via a patchbay for use with modular systems or synthesizers.


  • Sub-Bass Synthesizer
  • Powerful output level
  • CEM3340 VCO
  • 48dB/Octave Filter
  • Square / Saw / Sine
  • Filter audio input
  • Attack / Decay
  • Patchbay for additional cv controls
  • CV & Gate In and Thru
  • 6.35mm Output
  • 48V International PSU supplied


  • Weight 1.4 KG
  • Dimensions 203mm X 245mm X 91mm


CV Demo

Sequential Pro-One via CV/Gate

Hardware Jam