Double Trouble
Double Trouble


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We build by hand to order.

Build time around 1 – 2 weeks,

depending on current workload.


Originally, the Double Trouble distortion was designed specifically with classic electronic instruments in mind, namely the TB- 303, TR-909 and TR-808 in particular. But it also works wonders on a wide range of modern digital electronic musical instruments, and will warm the signals beautifully, especially when used in conjunction with our unique peak filter.

Once we were happy with the distortion sounds achievable when used with electronic instruments, it was of course crazy not to see how it would affect a guitar. The results were quite amazing. It turns out that the distortion types and even the filter were very well suited to distorting guitars and even bass guitar.



  • Two Distortions in One Box
  • Ultra Low Noise
  • Fuzz/Overdrive/Distortion
  • Various Configurations
  • Two independent or one double distortion
  • Distortion I – Line Gain
  • Distortion II – Germanium
  • Peak Filter
  • Transient Boost
  • Use with Guitar/Bass
  • Use with Line Level Instruments
  • 24v International PSU supplied


  • Weight 725g
  • Dimensions 190mm X 120mm X 50mm


With TR-909

Prototype with Juno-106

Multitracked guitar & bass

Prototype with TR-909