Dub Siren 7


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We build by hand to order.

Build time around 1 – 2 weeks,

depending on current workload.


The S-CAT Dub-Siren is a simple, yet powerful, pure analogue sound generator with LFO. Inspired by the original dub sound-systems, capable of room shaking bass tones as well as traditional sirens and FX, the Dub-Siren cries out to have its buttons pushed and knobs turned.

While this machine is ideal for producers of dub and dub reggae, it has a place in any style of modern electronic music, especially in live performance.



  • Pure analogue Dub-Siren
  • Create classic siren sounds, bass tones and FX
  • LFO speed, depth and waveform select
  • Two oscillator waveforms
  • 5 octave pitch range
  • Manual trigger with big red button
  • Headphone & headphone cue switch
  • 24v DC international PSU supplied


  • Weight 1.4 KG
  • Dimensions 203mm X 245mm X 91mm


Dry signal, no effects

With S-CAT Dubsta-Delay

With S-CAT Time-Freek delay