Dubsta delay


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We build by hand to order.

Build time around 6 – 8 weeks,

depending on current workload.


The S-CAT analogue Dubsta-Delay is a pure analogue effect using four 4096-stage MN3005 BBD chips. Analogue delay is sought after for the warmth it gives to any sound that runs through it. Our unit certainly provides warmth, and also an unusually strong sound on the repeats. It includes modulation for chorusing and other effects. There are several extra features for that trademark S-CAT hands-on experience.

This is a delay that can be played like an instrument.


  • Pure Analogue Delay
  • Mono Effect
  • 4 X MN3005 ICs
  • 3 Parallel Rate Controls
  • Repeats, Midrange and High Feedback
  • Input & Output Filters
  • Compander
  • Modulation
  • Headphone
  • XLR/ 6.35mm Jack Mic Input
  • Phantom Power
  • 2 X 6.35mm Input / Output
  • 48v DC international PSU supplied


  • Weight 2.4 KG
  • Dimensions 337mm X 245mm X 91mm



S-CAT Dub-Siren

Push-Pull Rate switch

Moog Theramin

Repeats tutorial MC-202