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The S-CAT Filter-Phase is an incredibly versatile and powerful stereo filter / phaser, based on two reissued SSI2140 chips. The unit is capable of filtering from 6 - 48dB/Octave depending on configuration.

The unit can be used as two independent mono filters for two different instruments. In mono use, you can select High Pass, Low Pass or Phaser mode, up to 24dB/octave.

It can be used a a stereo unit by running one sound or instrument through both filters. In this mode, High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass and Phaser modes are possible, up to 48dB/octave.

The LFO section, with ultra fast & super slow modes, can be set up in various ways to create different effects.



  • Two analogue filters In one box
  • Use as one Stereo filter or two Mono filters
  • Modulation – Fast / Slow
  • Ultra-fast LFO for ring-mod effect
  • Ultra-slow LFO. Over 7 minutes full cycle at slowest setting
  • CV Control for Cutoff & Resonance
  • Select Range 6-24dB on each side in mono/stereo use
  • Select Range of 12, 18, 24, 36, & 48dB in linked mode
  • Linked, Dual and Panned offset filter mode
  • 24v International PSU supplied


  • Weight 850g
  • Dimensions 190mm X 120mm X 50mm


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