Circuit bent Casio keyboard

“These guys cover everything and do it all…in their own purrrr-ticular style.”

.Reed Ghazala is an artist and musician famed as the “Father of circuit-bending” – the anarchic art of modifying electronic instruments, to make new connections and unique sounds. As our roots at S-CAT a started in the world of circuit bent creations (see our history page for an extensive gallery) we were thrilled when Reed Ghazala asked to include us in his “Bender’s Spotlight” series. We built him one of our classic modified Casio PT-80 vintage keyboards as a token of our appreciation (photo above).

Reed writes…

”Let me first thank Arron for sending me a personally-bent Casio PT-80, as nicely bent and finished an instrument as I’ve ever seen. That’s the truth. It’s stunning.

In my book I underline the possibility of circuit bending leading determined designers into their own business. S-CAT, or Space Cat to be exact, is a brilliant example of this – of the circuit bender launching pad.”

You can read the full text here on Facebook.