We are grateful for the support of John W. Oram in the development of our first three products. John, previously of VOX and Trident, specialises in analogue filtering and high-end mixing consoles. He and his team worked with us to help our first concepts take shape.

Product Development
Arron, John and Abi at the Analogue Barn Studio

Pure analogue oscillator.

Creates bass tones, sirens, ambient soundscapes and electronic percussion. Extensive LFO controls. Mute buttons for hands on gating. Headphone cue.
External trigger and auxiliary input with independent volume.
High headroom. 24v.
Hand assembled and wired.

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BBD analogue delay with four MN3005 ICs. Warm, clean and lush analogue delay.

Features include:
Stereo in and out (mono effect)
Mic input with phantom power
Three rate controls
Input and output filters
Selective feedback controls

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Analogue Dubsta-Delay

Pure analogue dub siren.

Create classic siren sounds, bass tones and FX. With LFO controls and 5 octave pitch range. 24v PSU. Manual trigger. Headphone cue. Cuts through any mix!

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A new range of analogue instruments and effects
S-CAT News

Analogue Bass-Synth:

A brand new 48db filtered cv/gate Analogue Bass Synth is well into development. Sine, square and saw waveforms are generated from the original reissued Curtis Cem 3340 IC. Just connect your TB-303, TB-03, xoxbox or any other clone and drop 1 or two octaves lower for thundering sub bass. It will include a patch-bay at the back for control via modular etc.

Pre-orders are now being taken.
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