We at S-CAT are very happy to announce that we are working closely with John W Oram to develop a range of new analogue devices. These will be products inspired by our years of modifying vintage equipment as well as by our experience in music production, DJing and running sound systems.

We have been lucky enough to secure funding from the John Oram Foundation, a charitable trust for encouraging innovation in the music industry.

John, previously of VOX and Trident, specialises in analogue filtering and high-end mixing consoles, and is famously known as "the Father of British EQ". He and his team at Oram Professional Audio in Kent are currently hard at work with us, helping to turn our ideas into reality. To visit his site, click the Oram logo button below.

Product Development :
S-CAT & John W Oram
John Oram
Arron, John and Abi at the Analogue Barn Studio

Pure analogue oscillator.

Creates bass tones, sirens, ambient soundscapes and electronic percussion. Extensive LFO controls. Mute buttons for hands on gating. Headphone cue.
External trigger and auxiliary input with independent volume.
High headroom. 24v.
Hand assembled and wired.

Click for further info including technical specifications, video footage and user guide.

BBD analogue delay with four MN3005 ICs

Warm, clean and lush analogue delay with modulation, filters and EQ on feedback. 48v PSU.

Currently in prototype form. Available soon.

Click for further info and demo videos.
Analogue Delay

Pure analogue dub siren.

Create classic siren sounds, bass tones and FX. With LFO controls and 5 octave pitch range. 24v PSU. Manual trigger. Headphone cue. Cuts through any mix!

Please click the image for more details including user guide, video, technical specifications and how to buy.
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