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S-CAT founders Arron Courts and Abegael Saward have been modifying, or circuit bending, vintage instruments in the UK since 2008. To date, over 900 S-CAT machines have sold via eBay or commission. Circuit bent instruments such as our S-CAT creations are in demand by producers, bands, film sound effects creators and more.

Our customers include Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, Liam Howlett of The Prodigy, Ego Plum, Pascal Gabriel of S'Xpress, Grammy-nominated Daniel Boyle of Rolling Lion Studio, and D.A.V.E. The Drummer (AKA Henry Cullen).


New products and Circuit bent machines are often available via eBay, where we have an almost constant presence. Auctions end at 9.30 GMT. Check our eBay site for current listings.

Machines can also be modified or built to order. Check out modified machines and our new analogue hardware by clicking the buttons in the left sidebar. See a selection of our favourite circuit bent keyboards, drum machines and effects. Please feel free to contact us for details on pricing. Email or message us through Facebook or eBay. Links to our various sites can be found on the "Contact Us" page or by clicking the icons shown in the column to the left.

Circuit Bent Casio MT-68
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S-CAT now also manufactures analogue hardware. (See below)

Hundreds of S-CAT demonstration videos can be found on our Youtube channel. See our Facebook site for previews of upcoming machines, news and extensive photo gallery.

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Alongside and inspired by our circuit-bending, we at S-CAT have developed a range of new and original high-end analogue devices in collaboration with well-respected circuit designers John W. Oram and Dave Cherry.

Our new analogue hardware is influenced by live electronic performance, sound system experience and our experimental circuit bending. These machines are hands-on, larger than life instruments.

Our first three products are now available via this website or eBay, with more analogue hardware in progress. The S-CAT / Oram Dub Siren and larger Dub Synth are powerful analogue oscillators with modulation.

Our groundbreaking high-voltage BBD Analogue Dubsta Delay, packed with unique features, is now also available to order. See the "New Products" tab for further info.

We visit the Henry Cullen's Punishment Farm studio to hand over his Analogue Dubsta-Delay. Visit the News pages for full details and video.

Analogue "Dubsta" Delay
With 4 X MN3005, modulation & filters
Arron, John, Abi and Dave at the Analogue Barn
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